West Point Beach Resort – Snowdonia Holiday Parks

Snowdonia Holiday ParksSnowdonia holiday parks offer their guests some of the best views you could find within the region of North Wales.

With sweeping views of the coast and dramatic mountain ranges just a short distance apart, the Snowdonia National Park is a beautiful place to enjoy a relaxing and scenic holiday.

The Snowdonia National Park is an incredibly desirable place to live, and a holiday home can be a fantastic investment if you’ve visited and enjoyed your time within the area before.

Modern holiday homes feature all the luxuries you’d find in a regular home, including spacious living areas complete with contemporary electric fireplaces, fully fitted kitchens with a range of appliances and even en-suite bedrooms.

Holiday Homes in SnowdoniaThose with holiday homes in Snowdonia can often be found counting down the days until their holiday park season starts, as their holiday lodge can quickly become a second home.

Whilst holiday homes are pre-furnished when you move into them, there’s still plenty of room for customisation to make it truly yours.

Most holiday parks host events such as BBQs and entertainment nights so you can get to know the other residents staying at the park. This allows you to return to a friendly and familiar community each time you visit.

Holiday parks also offer plenty of facilities on-site, including shops stocked with all the necessities and bars serving food & drink. If you’re yet to commit to investing in a holiday home, most holiday parks offer touring pitches for those with caravans and motorhomes to enjoy the park.

Close to both the seaside and the countryside, West Point Holiday Park is a delightful beach resort located in Pontllyfni, North Wales. With the mountains of the Snowdonia National Park in sight, and the roaring waves of the beach only a short distance away, the park offers a fantastic location to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

The nearest town to the park is Caernarfon, which is a great place to visit whilst on your holiday. You can spend the day exploring its medieval 13th century castle, or enjoy the views from Caernarfon’s harbour.