Wales Life Satisfaction Higher Than Average


Recent stasitics measured by the Welsh Government has concluded that 83% of people in Wales are satisfied with their lives.

When compared with stastics gathered by the ‘Our World in Data’ organsation, it suggests that Wales maintains a healthier level of life satisfaction as when compared with the rest of the UK and many parts of Europe.

What are the reasons that could mean life in Wales leads to a happier life?

  • Welsh Government policies and distribution of attention, funds and resources?
  • The natural surrounding landscapes and more active lifestyles?
  • Is life generally less stressful in Wales?
  • Is there less traffic, commuting times and higher job satisfaction?
  • Is it more affordable to live in Wales and less financially challenging?

While we can’t comment on whether or not the above are factually true, we do know that we are blessed here with a stunning natural environment, friendly communities and less densely populated areas, that may lead to a happier level of day to day living.

For those that can’t quite commit to living in Wales, visiting when they get the chance is the next best thing. We find that many visitors from the United Kingdom choose to visit Wales and in particular, North Wales – as the area boasts unqiue environments that are not located everywhere.

There are a plentiful array of towns, cities and villages to visit and depending on your type of stay, you may opt for a hotel room, house or holiday homes in North Wales.

As the owners of both Morfa Lodge and West Point Holiday Parks, we are undoubtedly advocates of undertaking either a short holiday, or even longer term purchase of a holiday unit.