Wales tourism industry by numbers

wales adventureWales is known for it’s exceptional scenery, range of things to do and it’s friendly people. As such, this means it is a very popular tourist destination – not only for international visitors, but also for British visitors.

Looking through official statistics from 2015, there were 10,450 million trips by overnight visitors to Wales from residents of the United Kingdom. The amount of money that has been associatyed with the influx of visitors is £1,975.

Out of these visitors, 60% of them were coming to Wales for a holiday, while 27% were seeing friends or family – and 9% came for business.

Accoring to the Great Britain Day survey, just udner 75 million day visits are made to towns, villages and cities across Wales annually, with expenditure amounting to over £2.7 billion!

International visitors to Wales was counted at around 970,000, who between them spent £410 in 2015.

  • Out of these international visitors, the most popular overseas visitors came from Republic of Ireland (129,000), France (105,000), Germany (97,000) and USA (91,000)

During the study, it was also calculated that 38% of international visitors were on a holiday trip, 32% seeing friends or relativeand 18% were on business during the year 2015.

Livingston Leisure think these are very interesting statistics for Wales and it’s tourism industry, especially in what lies ahead for North Wales holiday parks. With Wales’ Year of Adventure officialy declared as this year (2016) we wonder how stastics may match up and compare to those of 2015. Stay tuned!