“Situated in one of the most picturesque areas of Snowdonia, West Point Beach Resort in North Wales is the perfect beach resort to help you and the loved ones unwind in the heart of North Wales”.

West Point has a number of caravans for sale in Snowdonia, with beautiful accommodation available to you throughout the year, offering the ideal getaway retreat.

A small but by no means underwhelming location, West Point has some of the most stunning views you’re likely to find countrywide. There’s few things more cathartic than opening the door to the lodge in the morning, peering out at the gorgeous horizon and making a day of it on the beach or in nearby towns.

From the resort, you can expect to wonder at views such as the mountain ranges that are just a stone’s throw away, admire the supreme vision of the Welsh waters on a cool summer’s day and plan your day out on the Isle of Anglesey.

If you’re after the best in quality and want to be in assured hands when you take your first break away, then you can relax as with 55 years of experience, you’re all set for a perfect time at West Point, whether by yourself or in the company of loved ones.

So, what is there to do outside of the resort? The simple answer is plenty.

Just a short drive away from West Point comes the town of Caernarfon: a place as renowned for its infamous castle as it is its welcoming locals. Once the capital of Wales, Caernarfon has played host to many important moments in British history including the investiture of the Prince of Wales. Apart from the history, you can enjoy a walk along its famous streets and take in some of the sights and sounds during your travel.

Another popular destination for many visitors to the coast of North Wales is the bizarrely unqiue but equally charming Portmeirion: the location for the shooting of cult television classic ‘The Prisoner’ which itself has been the inspiration for Festival No. 6. One of the most prominent celebrations of the arts in Wales, it’s been building in scale since it first started and is likely to be even better this September.

Now open again after a down season, West Point is busier than ever so be sure to contact us for all further queries.

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